Product Photography - Matic NYC Watch

Matic reached out looking for a few product hero images of their “Moonraker” watch to share on Instagram and other social platforms. Their direction allowed alot of creative freedom with the idea of wanting “clean blacks and whites …and futuristic NYC.” The name of the watch itself reminded me of 007 Moonraker, which was the inspiration behind this look.

Matic watch photoshoot behind the scenes image

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Ecommerce Photography - Donna Sharp HandBags

Donna Sharp reached out looking for high quality and consistent e-commerce product photography for their website. They wanted to highlight the bags’ high quality materials and construction, as well as the bags key features.

Ecommerce Photography webpage example.

First, we collaborated on a shot-list and style guide, which consisted of 3 images per handbag that would show all of the bags quilting detail and features. All the images would be clipped and placed on a pure white background so it could flow seamlessly through their website and be repurposed for banner images.

DS had an idea of how they would like the bags styled. We shot each style to their styling specifications and sent live proofs for approval. After approval, all of the bags were shot consistently to each style. This provided consistency across the webpage for different colors.

DS wanted to keep the natural shadow under the bag to maintain grounding on the webpage. During retouching, all of the bags were clipped and placed on a pure white background.

Product photography of handbags
Ecommerce Photography webpage example.

DS products are high quality and we wanted to make sure that was highlighted for their customer while shopping on their website.

As a bonus Paul C Buff Inc. and Tethertools tagged along for this shoot to give you a sneek peak behind the scenes. Check out the video below.

Industrial product photography.

Great images for marketing material is crucial, especially for your sales team. Sometimes the product is just a logistical nightmare to shoot in the studio so it has to be photographed in the factory. We have established a system that makes this fast, easy, and safe to do on the factory floor that minimizes or eliminates disruption to production. 

This is how we helped Hayward create great B2B marketing material with ZERO impact to production. 

Universal H-Series Brochure (LITUHS17).jpg
Universal H-Series Brochure (LITUHS17) 2.jpg